TAR’s State Political Coordinator Program Overview

The Tennessee Association of REALTORS® Tennessee Coordinator Program is designed to inform and mobilize key members of TAR who share a personal relationship with members of the Tennessee General Assembly.  These volunteers will play a crucial role in the success of TAR’s Governmental Affairs grassroots program.  The TAR Political Coordinators serve as the primary spokesperson for TAR’s public policy priorities.

There is one Political Coordinator for each member of the General Assembly; one assigned to each of the 33 Senators, and one assigned to each of the 99 Representatives.  Working with the TAR’s Government Affairs Department, each Coordinator will help organize a Key Contact Team of additional REALTORS® to assist in this program.

The Grassroots Advocacy Subcommittee, a standing subcommittee of the TAR Governmental Affairs Committee, will conduct oversight for the program.

Meeting With A Legislator
Lawmakers want to know what their constituents think.  A Political Coordinators personal relationship with their legislator and the fact that their Key Contact Team represents the views of a significant number of constituents and voters in the district, your legislator should welcome an opportunity to meet with you and learn more about the issues that are important to REALTORS®.

Political Coordinators will most likely want to arrange meetings with their legislators to discuss real estate issues.  They should also consider meeting occasionally just to convey interest in and support for their legislator’s efforts.

A Legislator’s Staff
Members of the Tennessee General Assembly have a demanding schedule and often rely heavily on staff members to make sure they are well informed about issues and their constituents’ interests.  State legislators, however, do not have a large staff, and often times, must share a staff member with other legislators.

Establishing a positive relationship with a legislator’s staff is one of the best ways for a Political Coordinator to improve his or her effectiveness.  Legislative staffers are the gatekeepers and can make all the difference between getting access to a legislator.

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