2012 TAR Forms & Documented Changes Available Jan. 2, 2012


The 2012 TAR Forms inventory will be published January 2, 2012. Both TransactionDesk and Forms on the Fly will be available for your use.

For DOCUMENTED CHANGES provided on January 2nd, please login and visit 'Forms on the Fly'. You'll be able to download the "Documented Changes" as well any of the TAR forms either individually OR all of them in a zipped file. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact TAR using the appropriate contact information below.

Thank you and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

TAR Technical Support (For website or login problems)
EFFECTIVE  and STARTING January 16th -

  • Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm CST
    NOTE: Wednesday there will be NO tech support available
  • Phone: (615) 440-5052
  • Email: tech@tarnet.com

TAR Legal Hotline (For questions regarding the content of forms)

  • Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm CST
  • Phone: (615) 244-3344, Toll Free: (800) 899-5297
  • Email: hotline@tarnet.com



TransactionDesk Supports Tablets

TransactionDesk Supports Tablets



TransactionDesk Login

Member Services is the way to access forms.
Realtors must use the Member Services area to access forms via "Forms on the Fly" or TransactionDesk. Please be aware that regardless of how long you've been a member of the Tennessee Association of Realtors®, you will need to create a member profile on this site prior to logging in for the first time. Please click here to access the Member Services area.

TransactionDesk replaced InstanetForms in January of 2008.
TransactionDesk has replaced the InstanetForms web application. TransactionDesk is the SAME system, just a higher version of InstanetForms.



LOGO Placement on TAR Forms when using TransactionDesk

The field size for the LOGO placement on TAR forms is larger if you prefer a banner type logo as opposed to just a company logo!!!

Instead of a small square logo, you can now place banner size logos on all of the TAR forms. If you would like to replace your small logo or add a new logo to the TAR forms when using TransactionDesk, you will need to follow the standard requirements:

800 X 125 pixels (dimension size)
JPG, GIF, and PNG graphic formats ONLY

When Advertising for FRANCHISE or COOPERATIVE ADVERTISING GROUPS only, refer to TCA 1260-2-.12 Section (4)(c):
Any licensee using a trade name on business cards, contracts, or other documents relating to real estate transactions shall clearly and unmistakably indicate thereon:

1) his name and firm telephone number (as registered with the Commission) and
2) the fact that his office is independently owned and operated.

How to update or place new logos on your forms:

1) Send an email to logos@instanetsolutions.com
2) Make sure you attach the logo and in the body of the email identify yourself by First and Last Name and your NRDS ID# and the name of your firm.

Note: All advertising, regardless of its nature and the medium in which it appears, which promotes the sale or lease of real property, shall conform to the requirements of TREC rules. Please review those rules before applying your company logo to the forms.   



Basic and Advanced TransactionDesk Classes (3 hrs. each)

An INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION class for TransactionDesk was provided in 2008 and 2010. Most instructors who participated are now certified to teach TransactionDesk in their local areas and have each received "Courses In a Kit" for both of the CE approved BASIC and ADVANCED classes of TransactionDesk. Most local associations participated by sending their own local instructors.  Click here for more information and to find a certified instructor in your area.



TransactionDesk Supports Mac

As of January 4th, the TAR Residential and Commercial forms have been updated for 2010 and made available through the members only section of the website. Once logged in, you may access the new forms in the same two ways you've been used to:

  1. TransactionDesk
  2. Forms On The Fly

We are also excited to announce that TransactionDesk can be accessed with a Mac as well as PC! Both Mac and PC users will notice a slightly different toolbar in TransactionDesk while editing a form. This new toolbar is designed for ease of use. PC users can now use the Firefox web browser in addition to Internet Explorer.

If you plan on accessing the forms in TransactionDesk from a Mac computer, please be sure to use Safari, and it is also recommended that you install the latest version of Adobe Reader.

The 64-bit version of Safari in the latest version of Mac OS (Snow Leopard) will not load the required Adobe Reader plug-in into the browser. This is a known issue and Adobe has detailed instructions for a workaround. A link to those instructions, as well as the instructions themselves, have been posted below: 


Acrobat PDF Plug-in does not load in Safari 64-bit Web Browser on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6).


Apple Mac OS X 10.6 updates Safari to 64-bit. The browser plug-in installed by Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 9.x and earlier is 32-bit. As a result PDF files will not view in-line when using Safari using Adobe Acrobat or Reader.


Customers can run Safari in 32-bit, which will allow the Adobe Acrobat/Reader plug-in to load and be used.

In order to run Safari in 32-bit mode, follow the instructions below:

1.  If Safari is open quit Safari by going to Safari>Quit Safari

2.  Open a new Finder window and navigate to the Applications folder.

3.  In the Finder, select Safari.

4.  Go to File>Get Info.

5. In the "Safari Info" window, open the "General" section.

6.  Select the check box "Open in 32-bit mode"

7.  Close the "Safari Info" window.

8.  Re-launch Safari.
link to original Adobe instructions - http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/509/cpsid_50983.html

If you experience any problems while trying to use TransactionDesk, feel free to contact their technical support line at 1-800-606-3897. Our tech support staff may also be able to answer some questions you have concerning TransactionDesk. You can reach us at 615-440-5052. Please be aware that we plan on a large volume of calls, and may not be able to respond as quick as we would like. However, if you leave a message with your name, NRDS number, reason for calling, and a return number, we will contact you as soon as possible.



Documented Form Changes Available (1-1-2011)

A PDF file containing ALL of the TAR Form changes from 2010 to 2011 is now available. Click here to download now.



HUD Forms and Handbooks

TAR may not have some forms and pamphlets that are issued by HUD. However, you can click here for HUD's forms and handbooks. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM LEAD (pamphlet) – This pamphlet is no longer part of the TAR form F15-Lead Based Paint Disclosure. However, you can download it in PDF format by clicking here.



TREC Rule - Purchase and Sale Agreements have been modified

ATTENTION: As of 2/16/2008 ---Rule 1260-2-.37 has been added by the TN Real Estate Commission (TREC) as a rule.  This rule applies to Septic System Inspection Letters.  THIS RULE HAS REQUIRED A CHANGE TO ALL PURCHASE AND SALES AGREEMENTS – both residential and commercial. F9, F10, F57, F60 and F65 have all been changed to reflect the addition of this rule.